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By providing solid business services in a consulting capacity, we aim to help the small business owner create the systems and facilities that are common to larger organizations. Our primary focus is on helping the small business owner utilize technology in the best manner to improve their operations, business practices, and image.

Breaking Orbit started as a realization that founder Marty Young had years ago. She was working in a corporate job and doing side projects to help out people that she knew who wanted to expand their use of the Internet and all that it had to offer. The more she considered what she was doing outside of her full-time job, the more she realized that she had an opportunity to help those same people achieve even more.

Marty has spent the last 20 years working with some form of technology. In the corporate world, she has served users in offices both large and small. She is an accomplished system administrator and has an extensive background in technical support and quality assurance. Marty honed her skills at large companies like USWeb and Ikonic as well as smaller companies and startups. Her experience has included everything from basic website development to high-volume server deployment and maintenance.

In addition to her work behind the keyboard, Marty is also well versed in project management, process development, and training. She has built departments from the ground up in companies and organizations both large and small. She is familiar with the unique challenges of a startup or growing business and she has helped a number of businesses reach new levels in productivity and exposure.

Marty has also developed a love of working with audio and video in production and post-production. After spending some time as a sound engineer in her spare time and watching the growth of media-rich Internet applications over the years, she’s found a way to combine both.

By combining her passion for technology and media with her desire to help others succeed, Marty has made Breaking Orbit a company that continues to bring its clients new and exciting ways to expand their image and their business.